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SideBull ambulift

SideBull Ambulift: Your solution for comfortable and efficient boarding of passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)

Safety, efficiency and flexibility are key factors in the ground handling process.

The SideBull was developed to ensure short turn-around times as well as comfortable boarding and disembarking for passengers with reduced mobility.

The unique, patented SideBull concept, a lift vehicle based on a sideloader chassis, was developed in 2002.
The SideBull Ambulift sets new standards in PRM assistance and has been used successfully for years at numerous international hubs as well as mid-sized and small airports.

Safety First at Ambulift SideBull

Medical Highloader ensures modern PRM boarding

The number of mobility reduced passengers (PRMs) with difficults to travel long distances at the airport on foot or to use passenger stairs at outdoor locations is growing continuously worldwide. This development presents challenges for airports and their PRM assistance service providers. With the patented SideBull Ambilift, a PRM Highloader based on a sideloader chassis, the PRM Boarding ambilift was developed in 2002 in cooperation with Lufthansa LEOS and later with the support of FRAPORT (Frankfurt Airport) - medical highloader or PRM Highloader.

The Ambulift SideBull or PRM Highloader was developed on the basis of user feedback and numerous airports, especially Careport (PRM service provider at Zurich Airport) and VIAS (Flughafen Wien), and is now a new ambulance engine generation, Safety controls.

The SideBull Ambulift was successfully tested at 100km / h wind speed and more and ensures a stable docking at heights of up to 8 meters. Thus, this PRM Highloader is one of the safest Ambulance Highloaders in the industry.

Bulmor's ambulance is not only safe for man and machine, but comfort is top priority. The new Ambilift machine generation offers a modern, ergonomic design and a pleasant passenger atmosphere.