Ambulift information
Ambulift information

Ambilift SideBull - the original

Ambilift - Docked to aircraft within 25 seconds

Thanks to the use of our extremely robust sideloader chassis, stabilisers are unnecessary with this medical highloader. The passenger cabin can be lifted while approaching the aircraft, which allows for an easy operation without reversing, changing position and readjusting stabilisers. The best way to save precious time.

docking prozess with ambulift highloader

Suitable for all aircraft types

Due to the specially designed front platform and the absence of a separate driver’s cabin (necessary in conventional scissor lift vehicles), the ambulift can dock on to all wide-body aircraft as well as all most common short-range aircrafts with low door sill heights. With the SideBull XXL it is even possible to comfortably bring passengers in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility to the A380 Upper Deck.

docking to an airoplan with ambulift
safe & comfortable boarding with ambulift

Ambilift: Safe & comfortable boarding

The passenger cabin of this ambilift can be lowered completely to ground level next to the chassis. This speeds up the entire boarding procedure when several disabled air-travellers in wheelchairs (WCHCs) or passengers with reduced mobility need to be brought into the cabin. It is no longer necessary to repeatedly raise or lower a tail lift platform as in conventional scissor lift trucks. The entire boarding process of several PRMs becomes perfectly safe and comfortable with the Ambulift Side.Bull.

ground level boarding with ambulift

Functional one-man operation with ambilift

The driver’s stand is integrated into the passenger cabin of the SideBull ambilift, so there is no separation between the driver and the passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). Therefore the driver isn‘t forced to inconveniently switch between cabins. The operator is ambilift driver and PRM agent at the same time.

ambilift: funktional one-man operation

Docking on to buses

The SideBull ambulift can dock directly on to most minivans and PRM buses. As a result passengers neither have to surmount steps nor do they have to individually exit the bus and enter the ambulift. This simplifies the procedure which results in time savings, especially at international hubs with long driving distances where buses are used to bring passengers with reduced mobility to the aircraft position.

docking on to buses with ambilift
ambuift can dock directly to PRM buses